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Truly Great Coffee

Our beans are roasted right here in Boulder City! Colorado River Coffee Roasters provides us with the best micro-roasted specialty coffee around!

Dam Roast House Blend

Region: Ethiopia, Brazil & Guatemala

This Blend has notes of sweet fruit, cocoa & a soft nuttiness with a clean bright finish.  The Dam Roast House Blend is our in-house espresso & is available for purchase at our shop!


Region: Gayo Highlands

The Sumatra is full bodied with notes of tobacco, dark chocolate, honey and light cherry.

Our Sumatran coffee is grown by farmers in the micro-region of Boner Meriah, known to produce the most exceptional Sumatran coffee.

The Sumatra is one of our drip coffee options and is considered our "dark roast".  It is low in acidity & carries a heavy-note complexity.  The Sumatra is has a little something for everyone!


Region: Cerrado Mineiro 

The Brazil has notes of sweet fruit, chocolate and some nuttiness. It is a medium body coffee with a pleasant acidity. The Brazil is our "light roast" drip coffee. This coffee comes from a small group of growers in Brazil, known as microlots.  These microlots are given extra love and attention and inurn produce some of the worlds best coffee. 

Thoughtful Eats


Our menu was thoughtfully created in order to cater to various dietary needs and preferences. We offer a variety of Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic, Vegetarian & Dairy Free options.

Here at DRH we go the extra mile to give you the highest quality eats & drinks! We offer organic & organically grown ingredients when possible & if we can source it locally, we do! 

Our menu is tasty, fun, good for you & a little indulgent too! We've created a menu that has something for everyone!

Supporting Local Businesses


Building up & supporting other Boulder City businesses is one of DRH's core values. We proudly use & sell products from other local small Businesses!  By coming to our shop, you're not only supporting us, but you're also supporting them! We also carry a wide variety of local authors and art work from local artist!

We believe in community, not competition!

We support the following local business in our shop:

Colorado River Coffee Roasters

Chef Flemmings' Bakeshop 

Fox Family Bakery

Herbs by Diane

Heat Junkie Hot Sauce & more.

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